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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Special Occasion Date Night

While jeans and a cute shirt are suitable for most date nights, a special occasion always calls for a special dress. Below is the dress I wore for Valentine's Day, because on certain days of the year a girl just wants to look ravishing in red!

Outfit details: Dress- Rory Beca for Forever 21; Tights- Apt. 9 (Kohl's); Suede wedges- Payless; Chainlink black and white quilted rosette purse- Love Culture; Black bead dangle earrings- Target; Black beaded bracelet- homemade.

Friday, March 30, 2012

What does "Casual Friday" mean at your work?

I work at my state capitol, and we are absolutely NEVER allowed to wear jeans to work. So I like to use "Casual Friday" as an excuse to play with sleeveless styles, skinny dress pants, and to just ditch the requisite suit jacket.

Outfit details: Shirt- Forever 21; Pants- The Limited; Grey kitten heels- Madden Girl (thrifted at Plato's Closet); Green belt- H&M; Green and gold earrings and necklace- Forever 21; Gold purse- Target.
Outfit details: Purple sleeveless top- Forever 21; High-waist black pants- Kohl's; Yellow belt, turquoise and gold bangle, yellow and gold bangle, and gold necklace with multi-colored beads- Forever 21; Gold earrings- Target; Yellow purse- Aldo (thrifted at Plato's Closet); Black and gold suede ballet flats- Old Navy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Today's Lesson- Color Blocking

A lot of women are afraid of the color blocking trend, especially in the work place. The best way to think about  it is to buy pieces in bright solid colors (try not to invest in too many pieces that are already color blocked) and mix and match them. Most of these colors are classic brights, so they will retain their fashionability once the trend is long gone. Rule of thumb- pick two or three bright colors and mix them with black or neutrals.

Outfit details- Royal blue blazer- Love Culture; Black short sleeve shirt- Old Navy; Green pencil skirt- Forever 21;  Black rosette kitten heels- Madeline Stuart; Black bag-??? (thrifted at Plato's Closet); Necklace- gift.
Michelle Obama on the David Letterman show in a pre-Fall 2012 color block dress by Preen.

Day-to-Night #1

What do you do when you have a concert to go to right after work and you need to pack a minimal amount of accessories and clothing to quickly change your look? My biggest secret is wearing a body con dress under a pencil skirt!
First Outfit: Outfit details: Black blazer- H&M (old); Black pencil skirt- Forever 21; Rosette kitten heels- Madeline Stuart; Skinny purple belt- Forever 21. Second Outfit: Dress- Forever 21; Tights- Target; Leg warmers- Forever 21; Boots- Bamboo; Necklace- target; Bracelet- gift.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Spring Time Night Out

Spring weather in Denver usually means warm temperatures during the day, but chilly nights. Whether you're going out for dancing, drinks, or to a concert or art show your must be prepared for the temperatures to drop significantly once the sun goes down. To me, that usually means taking a light jacket and putting a pair of tights or leggings in my purse that I can easily put on under a skirt.

Outfit details: Dress- Forever 21; Tights- Target; Leg warmers- Forever 21; Boots- Bamboo; Necklace- target; Bracelet- gift.
Outfit details: Shirt- Rory Beca for Forever 21; Skirt- Ross; Grey tights- Merona (Target); Ankle boots- Madden Girl; Earrings- Target; Bracelet- gift.

Making Your Favorite Dress Work Appropriate

We all have our favorite dresses. The one pictured below is one of mine. It is knee-length, sleeveless, a vibrant teal, and I love the pleats. It is a great dress for any occasion! Paired with a blazer or cardigan, most dresses (as long as they are length appropriate) can be incorporated into your work attire.

Outfit details: Teal pleated dress- Lauren Conrad (Kohl's); White Blazer- H&M (old); Black tights- Merona (Target); Black and white T-Strap oxford heels- Aldo; Draped "pearl" necklace- Candies (Kohl's); Blue chain link purse- Kenneth Cole Reaction (TJ Maxx).

Work EMERGENCY Kit- What Every Girl Should Have in Her Desk!

My first tip my not be directly related to fashion, but fashion is a part of life, and disasters happen... especially on Mondays.  My kit includes:
  • For the face:
    • Mirror compact;
    • All-in-one makeup compact- for days you forget to bring your makeup bag and need to do a quick touch-up (Sephora sells a great travel size one for $15);
    • Oil blotting sheets- absorb midday oil without ruining makeup (I use e.l.f.- $1 for a pack at Target).
  • For hair:
    • Hair ties, headbands and bobby pins- let's face it, wind, rain, snow, anything can mess up a hairstyle you tried to perfect in the morning, have something at your desk to fix it;
    • Baby powder- fix greasy roots quick by putting in your palms and rubbing in;
    • Detangler- if your hair is like mine, you may need it after the morning commute;
    • Hairspray- fix hair styles midday or fix hair from a crazy morning commute;
    • Sock bun- Look this up on you tube if you don't know how! Seriously quick way to look polished! 
  • For the body:
    • Floss picks- because you don't want to go to that afternoon meeting with evidence of what you had for lunch stuck in your teeth;
    • Mouth wash- kill bad breath from coffee, breakfast, or lunch;
    • Nail file- because a broken nail can wreak havoc on your day (and hosiery);
    • Deodorant- because sometimes we all run out the door forgetting to put some on;
    • Vaseline- helps everything from chapped skin to paper cuts, and it can be put on parts of the foot were shoes rub to prevent blisters;
    • Scented lotion- when you forget perfume;
    • Tiger balm neck and shoulder rub- does wonders on feet as well, but can really help ease the physical tension of a stressful day;
    • Sweater- because sometimes the AC is on overdrive
    • Pain killers- my personal preference is Midol because it cures everything from cramps to headaches, even if it is not that time of the month;
    • Tampons- you never know when you are going to need them;
    • Small first aid kit- don't let a paper cut ruin your day;
    • Benadryl- in case of an allergic reaction;
    • Granola bars- healthier way to skip the vending machine;
    • BLACK FLATS- I personally take the train then the bus to work, while I never make the trip in heels (trying to protect my feet), sometimes we all forget to pack a change of shoes, so just keep some at your desk. They will also come in handy when your heels start to make your feet ache;
    • Sunglasses- we all leave home without them;
    • Sun block- lunches outside or just a lunch time walk can result in unsafe sun exposure, protect your skin!
  • For clothing care:
    • Lint roller- a must-have for women with long hair or pets;
    • Clear and black nail polish- this is always the easiest way to fix snags/runs in tights. Black nail polish for black tights. Clear nail polish can also help if you need to make your nails look presentable in a flash;
    • Static guard - because your clothes need to look their best at all times;
    • Downey wrinkle releaser- even a hot ride in the car or public transportation can mess up a good outfit;
    • Bottle of Shout- I find it works much better than a Tide stick. Vanish coffee or lunch time stains by just spraying, let sit, and then wipe away with a wet paper towel;
    • Safety pins- you never know when you're going to have a wardrobe malfunction! 
    • Small sewing kit- same reason as above.
*****EVERYTHING IN THIS KIT IS TRAVEL SIZE (many of which I bottled on my own)*****

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Weekend of Spring!

Spring is officially  here, celebrate with bright colors!
Blue and turquoise color block
Outfit details: Blue tunic- Forever 21; Turquoise belt from another Forever 21 tunic; Black lace bike shorts- Forever 21; Turquoise bracelet- target, Turquoise earring- homemade, design at Michael's; Black strappy wedge sandals- Target; Purse- Coach.
Outfit details: Yellow cardigan- Forever 21; White slouchy shirt with lace sleeves- Forever 21; Purple banded mini- Ross; Gold sandals- Forever 21; Yellow purse- Aldo (thrifted from Plato's Closet); Gold necklace and earrings- Target.


My name is Kiki, I am 26 years old and I work, live and play in the wonderful city of Denver, Colorado. I grew up a tomboy with 4 older brothers and never truly discovered a love for fashion or dressing girly until the latter part of college.

I spent 10 years working in restaurants in positions varying from hostess to server to manager to sommelier. It was a great way to earn money while working my way through college and grad school, but it also taught me to always shop on a BUDGET!

Now that I have finally started a career in politics (after 6 years of studying it in college and grad school), I have found that while I can afford more, I still prefer to shop on a budget. Because, let's face it, a girl has to have financial goals- like paying off those pesky student loans and saving to buy a house someday!

I'm a vegetarian foodie (yes, such thing exists), I love wine, yoga, sunshine, and I live for LIVE music (I go to at least 2 concerts a month).

I hope you find this blog helpful for not only putting together affordable wear-to-work looks, but also for casual and night-on-the-town looks.

Peace, Love, and Tofu,

Mission Statement

I know mission statements may commonly be reserved for corporations and nonprofit organizations, but I feel I must give light to my purpose of creating a blog. I have been encouraged by coworkers and friends who frequently ask for my fashion advice, or even ask me to create outfits or act as their personal shoppers, to create a blog highlighting my own personal style, shopping tips, and fashion advice. Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to provide insight into my personal style as well as provide fashion and shopping tips to women like me- young professionals just starting off their careers who desire to look great on a budget. Enjoy!