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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Work EMERGENCY Kit- What Every Girl Should Have in Her Desk!

My first tip my not be directly related to fashion, but fashion is a part of life, and disasters happen... especially on Mondays.  My kit includes:
  • For the face:
    • Mirror compact;
    • All-in-one makeup compact- for days you forget to bring your makeup bag and need to do a quick touch-up (Sephora sells a great travel size one for $15);
    • Oil blotting sheets- absorb midday oil without ruining makeup (I use e.l.f.- $1 for a pack at Target).
  • For hair:
    • Hair ties, headbands and bobby pins- let's face it, wind, rain, snow, anything can mess up a hairstyle you tried to perfect in the morning, have something at your desk to fix it;
    • Baby powder- fix greasy roots quick by putting in your palms and rubbing in;
    • Detangler- if your hair is like mine, you may need it after the morning commute;
    • Hairspray- fix hair styles midday or fix hair from a crazy morning commute;
    • Sock bun- Look this up on you tube if you don't know how! Seriously quick way to look polished! 
  • For the body:
    • Floss picks- because you don't want to go to that afternoon meeting with evidence of what you had for lunch stuck in your teeth;
    • Mouth wash- kill bad breath from coffee, breakfast, or lunch;
    • Nail file- because a broken nail can wreak havoc on your day (and hosiery);
    • Deodorant- because sometimes we all run out the door forgetting to put some on;
    • Vaseline- helps everything from chapped skin to paper cuts, and it can be put on parts of the foot were shoes rub to prevent blisters;
    • Scented lotion- when you forget perfume;
    • Tiger balm neck and shoulder rub- does wonders on feet as well, but can really help ease the physical tension of a stressful day;
    • Sweater- because sometimes the AC is on overdrive
    • Pain killers- my personal preference is Midol because it cures everything from cramps to headaches, even if it is not that time of the month;
    • Tampons- you never know when you are going to need them;
    • Small first aid kit- don't let a paper cut ruin your day;
    • Benadryl- in case of an allergic reaction;
    • Granola bars- healthier way to skip the vending machine;
    • BLACK FLATS- I personally take the train then the bus to work, while I never make the trip in heels (trying to protect my feet), sometimes we all forget to pack a change of shoes, so just keep some at your desk. They will also come in handy when your heels start to make your feet ache;
    • Sunglasses- we all leave home without them;
    • Sun block- lunches outside or just a lunch time walk can result in unsafe sun exposure, protect your skin!
  • For clothing care:
    • Lint roller- a must-have for women with long hair or pets;
    • Clear and black nail polish- this is always the easiest way to fix snags/runs in tights. Black nail polish for black tights. Clear nail polish can also help if you need to make your nails look presentable in a flash;
    • Static guard - because your clothes need to look their best at all times;
    • Downey wrinkle releaser- even a hot ride in the car or public transportation can mess up a good outfit;
    • Bottle of Shout- I find it works much better than a Tide stick. Vanish coffee or lunch time stains by just spraying, let sit, and then wipe away with a wet paper towel;
    • Safety pins- you never know when you're going to have a wardrobe malfunction! 
    • Small sewing kit- same reason as above.
*****EVERYTHING IN THIS KIT IS TRAVEL SIZE (many of which I bottled on my own)*****

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