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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ready, set, GO!

We all have those mornings when we realize instead of hitting snooze we accidentally turned our alarm off all together. There's nothing quite like the morning panic attack of realizing you only have 20 minutes to get ready and get out the door. This is why I always suggest having a fail-safe set of plans for these mornings, this includes knowing exactly what you will wear. I have three very simple emergency outfits:
1. Black pantsuit with a colorful shirt
2. Black blazer, black pencil skirt, and a colorful shirt
3. Black sheath dress

Since I work in an environment where suits are part of the office attire, this makes choosing what to wear a little easier. I always suggest adding colorful shirts to a black suit and basic gold or silver jewelry. Also, familiarize yourself with quick hairstyles like playful pony tails, top knots or the sock bun, so you can make your dirty hair look polished in a flash (I suggest investing in a good dry shampoo and shine spray for these days). I also suggest figuring out a 5-minute quick makeup routine- mine includes Garnier tinted eye roller for under my eyes, e.l.f. tinted moisturizer for my face, e.l.f. all over color stick for my cheeks, loose mineral powder, lightly applied eyeliner and mascara.

The emergency kit you keep at your desk will help out on these mornings too.  Go home tonight and figure out your emergency outfits and contingency plans for days you oversleep, you'll be glad you did someday.

This outfit was worn with a black blazer I keep at my office "in case of emergencies." Outfit details- Green puffy sleeve top- Love Culture; Black pants- The Limited; Blue faux suede heels- Forever 21; Necklace- gift; Leaf earrings- Forever 21; Watch- Nixon. I threw the heels in my bag (since I have a LONG commute) for an added touch of color with the suit and, after rubbing dry shampoo into my roots, I teased the hair at the crown of my head, pulled it into a low pony tail and spritzed it with shine spray and hair spray.

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