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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Skirt Length in The Workplace

Skirt length- surprisingly a pretty controversial topic. Unfortunately it is quite common to see women trying to pull off the "sexy secretary" look and just ending up looking trashy in the process. A good barometer for all of your work-related fashion choices is to take note of the reaction of your colleagues. Furrowed brows and disgusted looks are never good, compliments are. If you abide by the following guidelines you should be fine: 
  • Always wear skirts that are knee-length (think classic pencil skirts or A-line skirts). This is a good rule whether you are baring your legs or wearing tights.
  • If you absolutely MUST wear a skirt shorter than knee-length, then go by the rule we all learned in school- make sure the skirt extends past your finger tips.
    • I always suggest wearing opaque tights or leggings with skirts shorter than knee-length to disguise how short it actually is. 
    • Finally, if you absolutely MUST bare your legs in a skirt shorter than knee-length (are tights really that “heavy”?) then I suggest wearing flats or small kitten heels, since this will draw less attention to your legs than sky-high heels. 
Left- knee-length pencil skirt; Center- some of my collection of knee-length skirts (purchased at Ross and Forever 21, the front one is chiffon tiered, not bandage- in response to a comment I received); Right- shorter than knee-length shift dress (goes past my finger tips) worn over black leggings with ankle boots.

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