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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Clean Your Closet!

I wish I had a closet this big!
Anyone who has ever lived with me can attest to the fact that I clean out my closet twice a year- in the spring and fall. I get rid of items I no longer wear or can never imagine wearing again.  For items that are still fashionable and in good shape, or that I bought duplicates of (yes, this has happened, I once bought a red skirt that was similar to one I already owned but decided I liked the new one better), I sell them to Plato’s Closet (a clothing consignment store by my house), and for other items I usually donate them to the Epilepsy Foundation through clothing bins in local parking lot.

I don’t like donating to Goodwill because I don’t like the idea that they sell the items they receive, if I am going to donate something then I want it to be provided to someone who needs it for free. I like donating to the Epilepsy Foundation because I found out a few years ago that I have epilepsy. While I have great insurance and benefits than enable me to afford my anti-seizure medication and regular check-ups with my neurologist, not everyone has the same luxury. Many people spend most of their money on their medication so that they can simply live a seizure-free life, and this often means not being able to afford clothing. Find a cause you care about or that resonates with you or someone in your life, and donate your unwanted clothing to that cause. 

 My rules for cleaning out my closet:
  • Separate clothing into 5 different categories:
    • Keep
    • Donate
    • Sell
    • Repair
    • Throw away
  • I keep clothing that I wear on a regular basis or that I purchased for a particular reason (i.e. Wedding appropriate dress)
  • I sell or donate anything that I haven’t worn in the past year, the only exception being special occasion dresses and clutches.
    • This includes not only clothing, but shoes, purses, belts, scarves, jewelry, etc.
    • Let’s be honest, we all buy things or receive them as gifts and never wear them. For items with the tags still attached sell them to a clothing consignment store. You will likely get more money for them because they were never worn.
  • I repair anything that is easily fixed:
    • Loose hems, seams, buttons, etc.
    • This process also involves thoroughly cleaning all of my purses, cleaning my jewelry, polishing my shoes, taking items to the dry cleaners, and re-waterproofing things like jackets and shoes (you can find a spray for this at most shoe stores).
  • I throw away clothing that is damaged beyond repair- this includes shoes and purses.
 Try it this weekend and clear up some closet space!

1 comment:

  1. Great tips! I also follow the "If I haven't worn it in the past year...sell or donate" rule. What I have found over the past five years of doing this is each year there is less and less-- which I think means I am being more practicable and thoughtful about purchases. Of course, there is the concessional unfortunate, "I'm sure this will look good without trying it on" purchase from Forever21...great tips! Thanks!