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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Cravings

Well ladies (and the small handful of gents who read this- you know who you are), Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner which means summer will quickly be upon us! I have started making my “summer clothing wishlist.”  While summer is the time of the year when it is ALWAYS acceptable to wear bright colors, my wardrobe is already filled with a lot of bright colors. When taking a step back from my jam packed closet last weekend I decided the one thing that is lacking is pastels... and ample hangers, and extra space, and sliding closet doors that don't come off the tracks everyday... Therefore, I decided the items I will be adding to my closet will focus on 2 pastels- light pink (or peach) and mint green. I am also looking to add a few white items to my closet. One of these is the essential summer white country dress, the other is a white lace dress that will be my summer LWD (Little White Dress- great substitute for the LBD in warm weather).

Below is the list I have compiled and plan to purchase with the big paycheck I have coming my way based on the ridiculous amount of overtime I worked last month. All items are still budgeted, of course, and, in most instances I have already researched where I want to buy them. The biggest variable here is always H&M, since the only store in Denver never seems to carry what is on the website. Also, I usually only end up with half the items on my list because by the time I’m ready to buy them they are either sold out of my size or I am too hesitant to go over my budget.

 Summer 2012 Clothing Wishlist
  • Mint top- Forever 21 or Love Culture
  • Mint Skirt- H&M
  • Mint and peach accessories- Forever 21
  • New pair of white skinny jeans- Forever 21 or Love Culture
  • Houndstooth top or skirt- Forever 21
  • White summer country dress- H&M
  • LWD- lace one at H&M
  • New standard white blouse
  • Beige blouse
  • Printed pencil skirt- H&M
  • Gold chain necklace- Forever 21
  • Crochet skirt- H&M or Forever 21
  • Colored denim shorts- Forever 21
  • Mint skinny jeans- Love Culture
  • Colorful ankle pants for work- on sale at The Limited
Clothing items on my wish list from H&M
Peach, mint, and gold accessories from Forever 21

What item are you dying to add to your wardrobe this summer? For those of you going for the neon look, I applaud your bravery. If I could wear neon to work without being sent home for possibly blinding my government coworkers (who are really only used to seeing black and shades of grey) then I would do it too!

Take a ten minute mental break and start searching the "internets" for items to add to your summer wardrobe!

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Thanks for reading!

<3 Kiki

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