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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Confession of a Fashion Fail

Happy Monday... I mean Tuesday, everyone! (well, it's my Monday). You may have noticed that I neglected to post on Friday. It was not because I forgot, it's because I decided I REALLY hated my outfit once I got to work. The pink and orange color block worked and the belt, flats, and suitcase purse worked. The knee-length shorts (I think they're called Bermuda shorts?), however, were a DISASTER. I bought them years ago, when they were a dressy style that was "in style", but, I realized that no amount of positioning myself in awkward angles in pictures would make them flattering, ever. Next time I will just go with white dress pants, even if it is 99 degrees outside. As for the two pairs of shorts like this that I own (I have some in grey too), I am purging them from my closet effective immediately!

So, why share this outfit with you? Because no one is perfect and, in lieu of today's June photo of the day being titled "imperfect", I figured a whole post could sum up "the outfit that had so much potential". Next time...

Please, don't panic!

Outfit details: Orange Tank- Forever 21; Pink cardigan- Love Culture; Shorts-??? (now going to be donated); Bracelets, necklace, belt, and bag- Forever 21; Ring- my grandmother's class ring; Nude patent flats- Payless.

I must remind myself to never experiment with outdated clothes again... or at least try them on first before marching out the door.

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