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Monday, October 8, 2012

Week of Repeats

I'm spending this week hopping planes all over the country. So, I will be featuring outfits I have worn in the past, but I never posted pictures of them. Notice I don't post outfit photos every single day? That doesn't mean I don't take pictures of them, it just means I am saving them for later... like when I have to go from Colorado to Boston, back to Colorado for 24 hours, then to Wisconsin and I don't have time to post. 

Also, if the photos below look strange, it's because they had to be HEAVILY edited. I feel like a total fraud "fixing" my photos but I was dumb for buying a "new age fabric" skirt that wicks moisture away. Well, the damn thing also wrinkles within 5 minutes of sitting down and there is NO WAY to get the wrinkles out. The label says, "Do not wash, do not dry, do not dry clean, do not iron."  Then HOW IN THE HELL am I supposed to clean this stupid skirt?! Gigantic fail on my behalf. Next time I will read the care instructions label before I purchase a skirt with a "different" and soft fabric and end up looking like a hot mess all day at work because of a ton of wrinkles. 

Outfit Details- Shirt, bracelets, necklace, and belt- Forever 21; Skirt- Love21 (Forever 21)... soon to be sold to a consignment store; Earrings- Target; Shoes- Old Navy.

So my photoshop skills are not spectacular... in fact I don't even own photoshop, but I did my best with Google+ tools to make this skirt look how it did when I put it on, before I sat down...

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