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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why is it only Tuesday?

It appears that one cup of coffee with certainly not be enough to get me through the day, but the legislative session begins tomorrow, so it is back to more formal business attire soon. In the mean time though can I just say how difficult it is to look cute when it is freezing outside? Denver just recently broke out of a long streak of 20 degree or less weather and honestly it is hard to look cute when you have to wear fleece tights or leggings under your pants to keep warm. I laugh at all the fashion blogs that don't even list tights, or wool coats as winter essentials. Not all of us live in California or Texas. Some of us live places where it actually snows, the high can be a negative temperature on any given day during the winter, and piles of snow and ice stick around from November until April. During this time it is really hard to wear skirts and dresses, especially if you take public transportation to and from work, and the quintessential layers include:
  • A button-up shirt
  • A sweater
  • A blazer
  • A warm wool jacket
  • Warm and waterproof, and hopefully slip resistant, comfortable boots for the commute in to work
That being said, here is one of my last more "casual" work outfits for awhile (except on Fridays.

Outfit Details: Shirt- Ross; Sweater- Target; Pants- The Limited; Shoes- Payless; Necklace and earrings- Plato's closet. 

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