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Friday, April 5, 2013

Buyer's remorse or a good bargain?

So, I recently had to go to Walmart late at night because Target was closed. Here's the thing-- Walmart gives me panic attacks and I generally think they are an awful corporation, so I try to avoid shopping there as much as possible. I thought because it was late at night that this would not happen, but apparently it was spring break and all the parents in my part of town decided to take their young children to the store at 11 p.m. There is nothing worse than screaming children everywhere, which is what I always seem to encounter at Walmart. That and the lack of hand-held baskets, over-crowded aisles, slow-moving people (every time I'm there all I can think of is the line from the Devil Wears Prada, "By all means, move at a glacial pace"), and everyone trying to run you over with shopping carts. 

I find that Target provides a much more calm shopping experience. The layout of all the stores has the baby and kids' clothing sections right next to the toys, which means meltdowns can be contained to one general area of the store. Whereas at Walmart, the baby and kids' clothing sections are on the OPPOSITE side of the store than the toys, leaving a huge area in between for meltdowns. Nothing makes me more anxious than hearing a screaming or crying child. Child care providers and preschool and kindergarten teachers, I applaud your patience. I couldn't do it. 

Anyway, in the midst of trying to escape said meltdowns I found myself in the women's clothing section. Even more odd because I don't own anything from Walmart. However, I find clothing to be soothing (and there were no kids in this section) and I was actually in shock, pure shock, to find 2 dresses and a mint lace peplum top I liked! I snatched them up on my way to the pharmacy and grocery sections without hesitation. Do I have buyer's remorse? Yes, a little bit since I did purchase items from Walmart, which is always the case, but the clothes I bought are cute, and were really inexpensive. Today and tomorrow I will be posting about the two dresses. 

Now, to take a deep breath, forget about that awful shopping experience, and give you the outfit photos you are looking for:

Outfit Details: Dress- Walmart; Blazer- Ross; Shoes- Target; Bracelet- Charming Charlie; Ring- Plato's Closet; Earrings and necklace- Forever 21.

Have a great and anxiety-free weekend!!!

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