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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I never meant to be gone so long

Well, I went on vacation, then an extended hiatus. Why? Sometimes life hands you lemons, and sometimes it throws grenades at you and you just try to make it out as unscathed as possible. Sorry to be so vague, but we all go through really tough times in life. However, this blog remains dear to me, even if I have not demonstrated that much lately as life just got too hectic and busy to be able to post anything at all.

However, in my absence this blog has had hundreds of pins on Pinterest. I am truly humbled by the amount of daily traffic it continues to receive. Over fifty page visits a day may not seem like a lot, but for a little blog it is. 

I also feel like I have some things to clarify:

1. Yes I did eventually get my digital camera fixed. Last October I literally dropped it off at the Nikon factory during my trip to Los Angeles. I keep getting the advice, "Your pictures would be so much better if you invested in a good point and shoot camera."  Well, here's the deal, I have one, but after I got it fixed trying to arrange a spot in my house where the lighting and tripod were just right and having to run back and forth and set the timer on the camera became a real pain in the ass (no, they don't make a remote for it, I wish they did). I have a busy life, my boyfriend and I have opposite schedules and while he tries to take pictures of me when he can, he is not a professional. So many bloggers seem to have professional photographers for boyfriends or husbands, my boyfriend saves lives in an emergency room, which is something I find far more attractive than the ability to take good photos. Also, I live out in the boonies, and unless I can get the horses, cows, or chickens that live around me to learn how to focus a camera (or even my dog, but I can't seem to keep him from killing bunnies so I doubt there's hope there), then I'm kinda out of luck. So, from now on I'm no longer apologizing for the mirror pictures. You all get the point-- this blog is about outfits, not impressive photography. 

2. This blog is about the clothes and how to shop on a budget. My parents are not rich and I'm not rich. I'm a grown woman who has been working since I was 15 and everything I own I've paid for myself. I absolutely will not apologize for shopping at places like Target and Forever 21. Their clothes are affordable, I know what size fits me at both stores so I can shop online, and I have more important things to spend money on-- like food, paying off my student loans, and eventually buying a house... on my own!

3. People who think I started this blog because I am in someway narcissistic can take their negativity elsewhere and go get bit by karma. I don't know if you all have noticed, but in most my pictures I hide my face with my phone. Why? Well, first of all I'm usually too tired to even try to care about smiling or looking photogenic; and second, I look in the mirror approximately three times a day-- when I get ready in the morning, when I take my outfit photos, and when I take my makeup off for bed at night. I am by no means a self-centered person. I spend no more than 5 minutes a day on my makeup, and I am certainly not the conceited type who takes shameless "selfie" photos everyday. I mean really, Myspace is dead and I'm not sure what busy adult honestly has time to take photos of themselves all the time. But, I'm not photogenic and I really could care less if there are good pictures of me for people to look at on the internet, so what do I know? All I care about is that this blog helps young professional women with outfit inspiration and money saving tips.

Okay, now that my unapologetic apology is out of the way I hope the people who care and are not just curious are still paying attention. Too much towards the tail-end of this winter this is how I looked due to the massive amount of snow Colorado received:

Looking like a gigantic purple marshmallow is not an attractive feeling. 

And onto a real outfit...

Outfit Details: Blazer, shoes, and bag- Forever 21; Shirt- Old Navy; Pants-??? No idea, they're so old; Necklace- thrifted from Plato's Closet.

Thank you for visiting, reading my rant, and I will post again very soon!

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