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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Closet Purge and Recent Accessory Buys

Well, it snowed again. Time to look into relocating somewhere warm... I don't have any outfit photos to post yet, but I will tomorrow once I have the patience to see why my phone isn't backing up photos to Google + for about the billionth time. 

Anyway, I recently did a spring clean closet overhaul. I sold or donated over 60 items, including 12 dresses. It felt great to purge that much stuff from my life! See tips on spring closet cleaning here. I think my boyfriend also enjoys having his 1/4 of our shared closet back. No, he does not get any room in the dress closet, that is solely for dresses!

Everything I parted with...
Instead of buying new clothes, recently I've just been buying stuff for my house, oh yes, and accessories-- because they go out of style quickly and are the easiest way to update your wardrobe, especially if, like me, you are not interested in some of the clothing styles being sold in stores at the moment. I mean camo? Mid-drift baring shirts and dresses with the sides cut out? Platform/wedge sneakers? Yeah, the Spice Girls called and they want their 90's tour attire back.. And what the HELL is this?!
How the hell are you supposed to walk in these without breaking your ankle or falling backwards?! I'm pretty unimpressed by what's "in style" right now, so it looks like I'll take a break from shopping. This happens every couple of years, I remember in 2010 I didn't shop for nearly a year because all the prints that were in style gave me a headache to even look at, let alone think of wearing. 

Anyway, off my soapbox and onto my recent buys:

The peach and mint necklaces were purchased from Charlotte Russe and everything else was purchased at Charming Charlie. 

Happy Hump Day!

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