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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Minimal Effort

Some days even if you wake up on time you just don't feel like going to work or putting in much effort into your appearance. While I always advocate at least showering (for the sake of everyone who has to work with you) I know how it feels to not be motivated for another grueling day at the office. I personally try to plan my outfits for the week every Sunday night by looking at the weather forecast for the week and taking into consideration what important meetings I may have that week (including events I have to attend after work). I iron anything that needs it and hang all the outfits I have selected for the week in a specific spot. I also usually try to take the time to select accessories for each outfit as well. This may seem like a daunting task, since just selecting what you are going to wear for one day can be difficult enough, let alone five days. But, I have found that as time goes on it is much easier, makes my morning routine go faster, and helps me in case I either wake up late or feel unmotivated. 

Some of my "minimal effort" (aka. I seriously considered calling in sick today) outfits:
When in doubt, color block

 Statement Necklace
Outfit: Black dolman sweater- Love Culture; Grey slacks- Ross; Heels- Madden Girl (thrifted from Plato's closet); Necklace- Charming Charlie.
 Belted Shirt  
Outfit Details- Grey puff sleeve turtle neck- Forever 21; Black slacks- Ross; Necklace- gift; Watch- Target; Purple belt- Forever 21; Wrapped wedges- American Eagle (Payless).
 Standard Black Pencil Skirt (next 2 photos)
Outfit Details: Burgundy puff sleeve turtle neck- Old Navy (old); Charcoal pencil skirt- Ross; Black cardigan- Merona (Target); Grey and burgundy plaid bow flats- American Eagle (Payless); Chain and bead necklace- Forever 21; Bracelet- gift.
Outfit Details: Black blazer- H&M (old); Black pencil skirt- Forever 21; Green puff sleeve turtle neck- Old Navy (old); Black tights- Kohl's; Flats- Chinese Laundry (Ross); Green and gold disc earrings- Forever 21; Gold and multicolored gem necklace- Forever 21. 
 Black and White
Outfit details: Lace long sleeve shirt- Forever 21; White blazer- H&M (old); Grey pants- The Limited; Necklace- Charming Charlie; Earrings- Forever 21.

Geometric Prints and Brights
Outfit Details: Blazer and blouse- Forever 21; Pants- Kohl's; Necklace- gift; Earrings- Target.
Classic Preppy
Outfit Details: White button up shirt- Forever 21; Sweater- Kohl's; Necklace- Kohl's; Pants- The Limited.
 Contrasting Color Pop
Outfit Details: Shirt (royal)- Charlotte Russe; Yellow belt and bracelet- Forever 21; Necklace- Target.
Colorful Shoes
Blue suede flats- Qupid
There are many options to look stylish and like you put thought into your outfit in a moment's notice. What is your go-to look on days you don't feel like trying that hard?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On repeat

Happy Wednesday!!!  Are you all rested up from your long weekend, or sunburned, tired, and not happy to be back at work?  Somewhere in between? I hope everyone enjoyed the first "official weekend of summer" and spent some time lounging by the pool. If you had to work yesterday, then I am truly sorry. I got an extra day off, which was nice just to accomplish a few things that have been on my to-do list for a long time as well as clean, go to the gym, do laundry, and go to the pool after a long weekend of camping (GPL- gym, pool, laundry?).

Anyway, It has been brought to my attention that the rules for my office attire will be changing soon-- we will be allowed to wear more "casual" office attire (still no jeans) until the legislative session starts back up next January.  While there will still be days that I will need to wear the obligatory blazer for meetings, it will be less dominant in my posts for awhile (but that means I can wear them more for "fun").  

But, for now, I'm back in red. I wore a similar color combo a few weeks ago (see here). The textured camisole always makes me feel a bit like a frosted cupcake when I wear it, but I think I covered it pretty well with the blazer and big statement necklace.

Oufit details: Blazer and pencil skirt- Forever 21; Rosette camisole- Kohl's; Necklace- H&M; Bracelets- Target and Forever 21; Shoes- Steve Madden.

Okay, it's a short work week, we can do this with plenty of coffee and one stretch/ mental break once an hour!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Time to hit the sales!

It's Memorial Day weekend, and you know what that means- Many of your favorite stores are having their biggest sales of the year! 

This is a great time to stock up on blazers, cardigans and scarves since most stores limit their selection of these items for the summer months.

I am going out of town this weekend, but I picked up an incredible white country summer dress at H&M before I left. I have been looking for one like this for years! I just blogged about it the other day too since it was on my "summer wishlist." It is not exactly the same as the one I found online, but it fit perfectly and was only $25!

Add caption

Happy shopping! And if you too are going away this weekend, don't forget to pack your floppy hats, swim suits, sunblock of SPF 30 or higher, flip flops, iPod, and a great book!

I will report back Tuesday, hopefully with some good pics of my (small) trip :)

<3 Kiki

Friday, May 25, 2012

Spot a Polka Dot

Is it me or does it seem like the work weeks before a long weekend last FOREVER?!Well, it's finally Friday!

It's no secret that I am in love with polka dots, even my boyfriend has noticed this obsession. I've also blogged about it here and here and even here.  I fell in love with a cream colored polka dot dress that would serve as the perfect substitute for my black polka dot dress in the spring and summer time. Plus, it's long enough to wear to work (see appropriate skirt length post). I love it when I buy clothes that do double duty!
Yeah... that's a sock bun. Couldn't let a bad hair day get me down!
Outfit details: Dress, cardigan, bracelet, and earrings- Forever 21; Necklace- Target; Sandals and Black patent flats- Payless.

My friend, Keeri, recently had a lot of fun with polka dots too. This whole look is fabulous!
Outfit details: Dress- White House Black Market; Shoes- Madden Girl. Belt- came off of another shirt from Forever 21; All the jewelry is from Forever 21, except for the cameo pin (her hair is covering it in this pic), which was her grandmother's.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Current Craving

I tried on this dress yesterday, it fit perfectly, the color is right along the lines of my "summer wishlist", but as to why I didn't buy it, I have no idea. I feel like it does need a belt to make it fit my figure better, but, let's face it, I own plenty of belts. Since I'm regretting not buying it (reverse buyer's remorse?), I'm going back to Forever 21 on my lunch break today to get it. Hopefully they still have it in my size (if not i guess I can just order it), wish me luck!

What item are you dying to add to your closet right now?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Cravings

Well ladies (and the small handful of gents who read this- you know who you are), Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner which means summer will quickly be upon us! I have started making my “summer clothing wishlist.”  While summer is the time of the year when it is ALWAYS acceptable to wear bright colors, my wardrobe is already filled with a lot of bright colors. When taking a step back from my jam packed closet last weekend I decided the one thing that is lacking is pastels... and ample hangers, and extra space, and sliding closet doors that don't come off the tracks everyday... Therefore, I decided the items I will be adding to my closet will focus on 2 pastels- light pink (or peach) and mint green. I am also looking to add a few white items to my closet. One of these is the essential summer white country dress, the other is a white lace dress that will be my summer LWD (Little White Dress- great substitute for the LBD in warm weather).

Below is the list I have compiled and plan to purchase with the big paycheck I have coming my way based on the ridiculous amount of overtime I worked last month. All items are still budgeted, of course, and, in most instances I have already researched where I want to buy them. The biggest variable here is always H&M, since the only store in Denver never seems to carry what is on the website. Also, I usually only end up with half the items on my list because by the time I’m ready to buy them they are either sold out of my size or I am too hesitant to go over my budget.

 Summer 2012 Clothing Wishlist
  • Mint top- Forever 21 or Love Culture
  • Mint Skirt- H&M
  • Mint and peach accessories- Forever 21
  • New pair of white skinny jeans- Forever 21 or Love Culture
  • Houndstooth top or skirt- Forever 21
  • White summer country dress- H&M
  • LWD- lace one at H&M
  • New standard white blouse
  • Beige blouse
  • Printed pencil skirt- H&M
  • Gold chain necklace- Forever 21
  • Crochet skirt- H&M or Forever 21
  • Colored denim shorts- Forever 21
  • Mint skinny jeans- Love Culture
  • Colorful ankle pants for work- on sale at The Limited
Clothing items on my wish list from H&M
Peach, mint, and gold accessories from Forever 21

What item are you dying to add to your wardrobe this summer? For those of you going for the neon look, I applaud your bravery. If I could wear neon to work without being sent home for possibly blinding my government coworkers (who are really only used to seeing black and shades of grey) then I would do it too!

Take a ten minute mental break and start searching the "internets" for items to add to your summer wardrobe!

Don't forget to click the "join this site" button in the upper right hand corner of the page to receive the latest updates in Blogger. You can also check out my ever evolving wishlist on my Pinterest account.

Thanks for reading!

<3 Kiki

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Floral Lace

It really is a habit of mine to wear a dress as a shirt by putting a skirt over it. Why? Because it doubles my wardrobe! I also am going to try wearing a shirt over a dress more often to achieve the same effect.

We'll start off with a picture of what the dress looks like on its own, then what it looked like once I put a colored pencil skirt and blazer over it.

Outfit Details: White and grey floral lace dress- Forever 21; Purple pencil skirt- Forever 21; Grey boyfriend blazer- H&M; Shoes- Steve Madden; Leaf necklace- Forever 21; Bracelet- gift.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Green and Yellow

It's Friday! I am ready for the weekend, happy hour, the pool... and sleep! Pretty much the easiest thing I could do today was throw on a colorful dress. P.S. Please ignore the hideous decor in the background of the first pic, I felt like I needed one more full outfit pic (since quite a few turned out pretty blurry) so I had to take one in the "ugly bathroom" at my work.

Outfit Details: Green tulip dress- Mossimo (Target); Yellow and gold belt and yellow and gold bangle- Forever 21; Green stone necklace- Forever 21 (yes, green on green!); Black patent flats- Lower East Side (Payless- It's Friday, I wore heels all week, my feet begged for flats!)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bright and Floral

During a recent trip to H&M to buy a birthday dress for my niece, I fell in LOVE with the dress pictured below. I am not really one to make impulse purchases, but once I saw and tried on this dress I felt my life (closet) would be incomplete without it! At least I hardly ever have buyer's remorse, because that's how I always shop- I never buy anything if I'm unsure about it, I only buy it if I develop a clothing crush...

Outfit Details: Orange and grey belted floral dress- H&M; Coral blazer and gold leaf necklace- Forever 21; Nude Heels- Mossimo (Target).

Happy Wednesday! We're almost done with the week!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Day-to-Night Transformation

Another day-to-night look based on wearing a dress under a pencil skirt. Unfortunately I didn't actually get to wear what I realized would be a perfect night outfit out to anything, which is a shame, because my hair looked really good after I took it out of the head band. Hopefully my really late nights at work will end soon! I am also working on a new setup for taking pictures with a white background and my "new" (newly fixed that is) camera! The blog will be evolving soon, mostly because any of my friends can tell you I'm a perfectionist and the terrible "quality" of my phone pics drives me nuts! Stay tuned :)

Flash captured the color of the dress better.

Outfit Details: Burgundy rosette dress- Forever 21; Black pencil skirt- Forever 21; Black short sleeve cardigan- Ross; Faux suede wedges- Payless; Watch- Nixon; Necklace- "Homemade" (click to see how).